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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

personal stuff - feedback requested(2)

What do you think?


hi :-)

Over the years three important people in my life have suggested that i write more.

I would like to thank those people. You know who you are.

In my mind, that now gives me the permission i need to write about my deepest feelings and questions, whenever i have the time and such things arise in my mind, onto my own personal (yet public) "blogg" - without guilt or fear.

Currently finding myself "between jobs" the opportunity has presented to do just that.

so... forewarned... read the long version of today's "blogg"....

The Green Thread - a thank you

As we have slowly got to know each other over the last few years via what i like to call, "the green thread"... lotsa "stuff" has happened in my personal life, mayhaps i am a big drama queen, i dont know... but bad "stuff" seems to follow me around like a rain filled cloud, heavy and dangerous, and big storms and rainy times like to test my hope levels on a fairly regular basis.

Dark stuff that causes me loose sight, sound, feeling, and even the direction of the way forwards. Forward into a light that (i believe) links the minds and souls of humanity through various means of communication and links us with our internal and external "god(s)".

At various times in my life the pure thread's light has grown very dim within me. Some may call this periods of acute "depression", others a period of "loss of faith and hope". I like to think of it as a period of darkness, where the light was very dim and a long, long way away... though never completely out.

In fact, it appears that the dimmer the light, the more difficult the climb back out of the cold and darkness seems.

However, once through the darkness and again into the wamth and inspiration of the light... happiness is everywhere, the light of the "thread" is strong and pure :-)

It is interesting to note that usually after a period of deep morning, loss or severe trauma the light always becomes the strongest and the most precious. A time of joy to remember.

Some may call this "manic-depression" or "bipolar disorder" or just put it down to my "being crazy". ;-)

I understand this "high" to be a moment in my life where i have been given the gift of seeing a possibility, taking a new road, learning a new way, of understanding and accepting change. A time of growth, of exciting and sometimes bewildering enlightenment, when i feel that i am one with many others who share the light and warmth of hope.

Where things i do and say come as a direct result of my personal needs, the planet we all share's needs, and the needs of the vast majority of beings:

-the illiterate and the educated,
-the poor and the rich,
-the strong and the weak,
-the yellow, red, black and white, the pink, purple, green, indigo and pieballed!

entangled deeply with cries of anguish and pain via those with very dim threads of hope.

And it springs from the great intelect of every human being on this planet. Helping me by guiding me towards a new way, an alternative road, an exciting, though sometimes scary...sustainable, way forwards.

Sometimes it's as simple as putting the jig-saw peices together.

This introduction is a thank you, a thank you to ALL of you, for help in the puzzle of my life....


moving right along...

The loss of a very needed job

i got the sack yesterday...
i got the sack despite really liking all the other girls who work there...
i got the sack despite the girls seeming to like me (though their workload was doubled whenever i was operating the til)...
i got the sack despite the bosses seeming to like me...
i got the sack despite most of the customers seeming to like me...(DESPITE the fact that they were being put through long delays whenever i was operating the til)... (some people are very understanding and wonderfully patient teachers - i would like to say thank you to them).

yes i admit it...

I deserved to get the sack. No Problem! I would have sacked me too for sure if i was the boss.

I was completely useless at the til... too slow... too many pages to flip through to find the small fries... and i just couldn't seen to "get it".
i was taught shortcuts more than once - i just couldn't remember them!

Under that sort of pressure that this job intails, with cameras running and ques of customers getting steadily more and more frustrated and agressive...
my brain tends to freeze...
the adrenelin floods through my veins and the flight instinct is very difficult to contain ;-)

i can't remember anything!

i did it for a little over a week...

i enjoyed the cleaning, cooking, and prep work in the back of the kitchen, it was good honest work.

but i admit honestly to hating that til!

i am very grateful to be away from it.


so now i look for a new job in the hope i find one soon enough to enable me to keep hold of my land by pay off my overdue rates.

so..... out of the dust where is a solution...????

perhaps the idea which has been waiting in the background now for well over a year needs a little light????

here goes, the idea....

The Idea - Feedback requested

A soup kitchen - without a confusing til ;-)
with minium pressure and no video cameras!

Providing, drive through service (with room for buses) serving; vegan, organically grown, highly nutritious and tummy-filling soup...and a wholemeal/grain/white organic bread roll (hopefully catering to allergies).

The soup would be seved in cups purchased at an additional cost to the soup. Consumed via returnable ceramic or tin mugs with spoons... sourced from a local op-shop type charity(s).

The empty mugs/spoons are then taken away, to be refilled on clean return, with an encouraging saving for the client. Encouraging the high re-use of the same mug.

My property is located on a main road with 750 mtrs road frontage, i have already sold over $1000 of garage sale items in a little over a week. It is a busy spot with easy access and ample room for signage as free advertising.

I have been trying to contact the right PR person in the Salvo's today to talk about it.

Benefits of such an idea...

(1) The charity which will allow me to take some initial mugs/spoons (say 100-200) on consigment for a weekend or a month, would enable me the needed equipment to start the soup kitchen. If i could come by some more tables and chairs, adequate seating could be provided. The loan for such equipment would be repaid from the profit margin of the sales, which then in turn provides greater resources for the needy in our local community.

(side issues)

(a) it would be nice to see a young local boy/girl employed on a part or full time basis with these funds in such a high unemployment, high teen sucide rate, electorate.

i. suggest employment of someone to repair disabled peoples leaky taps:

..... who currently have to fund this themselves out of their pensions that our taxes pay.

..... plumbers are expensive - and very busy!.

..... our precious natural resource, water, which we so need greatly to grow our foodcrops is being damed in paradise, (cut off at an "elbow" in the still lovely, burnett river) whilst flowing down our electorate's drains in bundaberg!

(2) Sustainable natural resources utilsed wherever possible in the preparation and serving.

(a) fallen and sustainably harvested timber collected from within properties legal boundaries for daily wood fires to cook and sterilise - reducing the current high danger of wild bushfires in dry season.

(b) rain water from 2x5000 tanks utilised

i. exceptions:

ii. mains powered refrigeration currently necessary

iii. gas powered barbeques necessary during wet/inclement weather.

iv. townwater water to be carried in where necessary.

(c) All natural lighting - not operating at night time.

(3) Low impact

(a) sustainable recycling.

(b) no wastage of product or containers,
production, or recycling need for such energy intensive (and polluting) industries as per regular roadside eateries ie: aluminium cans or glass bottles,

(c) no plastics or styrofoams used (which contribute to climate change gases and pollutants)

(d) no landfill waste space necessity.

(and mugs and spoons would be pre-sterilised after aquisition via boiling in a gas or wood fired boiler or stainless steel bucket.

(4) "Taking" from the environment:

Rainy day bottled gas supplies necessary for the sterilising of the utensils and for the maintenance and via constant temperature of the boiling soup.

(5) "Giving back" to the environment and to society.

(a) Via healthy, organic, cheap and nutritious food for those who are hungry

(b) with benefits of Safety Aspects

Worthy of consideration to further promote the concepts of this idea is that the customers would not be permitted to drive until the soup was consumed onsite. The danger of burns and possible resultant accidents is too high without some form of sealable cap on the boiling mugs of soup.

Consuming on site ensures the customers safety by allowing a short period of time to relax and have a break from their drive, allows some body movement and provides an opportunity for communication in a relaxed and natural atmosphere.

Utilising the concepts and ideas above as a hands on example, and further utilising the time each customer spends on the property consuming the product, i intend to hand out fliers on the dangers we face with Climate Change. For those with an interest in these issues i would request their signatures (or feedback) on the "Letter of Demand". Giving an opportunity to grow the thread, and spread "the truth as i know it, as a gift, for those who choose to hear it".

I would like to affiliate with "FOOD NOT BOMBS", as well as the Climate Change Action Group.

I would donate some portion of the profits to "Food not Bombs", and as previously mentioned a charity who supplies the utensils needed on consignment.

Any remaining profits from sales will pay my council rates and contribute towards finishing my house (and eventually - permaculture property) to a rentable, and council approved, standard.

Long term, I would prefer to have my "home base" in a tent out the back of the block (whilst not on the road), and not have to pay the local council for temporary camping permits.

what do you think????



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