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Monday, April 24, 2006

S-Dalder's and Youth "Letter of Demand"

there is an updated version (No2 Letter of Demand).
It is at envirotalk, in the forums under "Polls".
Question: "Would you sign the Letter of Demand"?

Letter Number 2 came from feedback to the first letter.
and is pasted below:
Could I suggest a more appropriate wording that I think is likely to get a more sympathetic hearing would be

TO: The Honourable Elected Representatives of the Australian People

Regarding the issue of how our taxes are being spent in regard to polluting, climate change inducing, energy production.

We the people of Australia, demand that our tax dollars be used to deliver sustainable energy supplies and systems that will be of benefit to all of the people of Australia for sometime into the future, and in fact, the entire planet.

Due to the effects of Climate Change via CO2 being released into our
atmosphere and overwhelming information from the Scientific Community to support this; we understand that our taxes would have a greater effect of reducing our CO2 emissions if they were invested into "cleaner", sustainable energy and sustainable living systems.

We believe that a proportion of our tax dollars, which are currently spent on the production of energy for our use, must be used for the development of the following sustainable energy systems.

1. Research and development of government owned geothermal energy production.
2. Research and development of Tidal; Wind; and Solar Power energy production.
3. The reinstallment of the solar energy rebate scheme and creation of one for other alternative power systems.
4. The development and support for sustainable living education programs for individuals and families.
5. Government funded scientific investigation leading to the development of a local supply of hydrogen energy.
6. Improved and affordable family oriented local public transport.
7. Improved local Government funded rail infrastructures (which remain in the hands of the Australian people).
8. Adequate funding for the maintenance and upkeep of our existing public transport systems and infrastructures.

Signed by

I do not believe we will get anywhere demanding from a government that which cannot be delivered. I would certainly like to hear other peoples thoughts on this.

Poll discussions background:

S-Dalder wrote Letter of Demand(2)
(contact here):

My opinion, this letter is very good and i would like both letters published/signed/distributed/promoted and endorsed by anyone and everyone who is willing !

and also - finally ...Letter No 3!

My 17 yo daughter Natalie's "YOUTH LETTER"

We, the youth of Australia, demand that our children and our grandchildren
have as many opportunities as we have had to witness the beauty of this
earth and it's creations for themselves.
We demand that Energy sources (such as coal and nuclear) contributing to
climate change be stopped.
We demand that the government give our money which we earn, (our taxes) not
to these harmful energy corporations, but towards sustainable energy
production instead.

This sustainable energy will consist of the following points.
In order and depending on the location:
Government owned geothermal energy production.
Tidal power energy production.
Wind farm energy.
Solar Power energy production.
Government funded scientific research and investigation into the use of
hydrogen energy.
Government funding for improved local public transport, which is free for
the public.
Government funding for improved local public rail infrastructures, which is
free for the public.
No more privatisation of our existing energy supplies, or public transport

We also demand that our taxes which are currently being spent on scientific
research be re-channeled into scientific research into CLEAN, NON-POLLUTING,
SAFE, sustainable energy production.

This research will consist of the following points.
Specifically, and in order:
Hydrogen Fuel supply


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