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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Letter of Demand from the People of Australia

Anne's Blog - Sunday April 9, 2006


Below is a letter of demand to the elected representatives of the Australian people.

If you agree with this letter, and understand that we stand at a point in time where our voices MUST be heard, then... PLEASE take the time to print out the letter; add the time, date, your address, your name and signature, then mail it to: Anne Goddard, C/- PO Box 316, Gin Gin, Qld, 4671. I will accurately collate all the letters and send them to our elected representatives.

Thank you for allowing me to force our elected representatives to do as WE wish with OUR money.

Warm regards
Visit the "Climate Change Action Group"
Letter of Demand from the people of Australia:
DATE: DAY________ MONTH __________________,2006
TIME: _______________ AM/PM
TITLE:_____ FIRST NAME(s):_______________SURNAME:_______________________

ADDRESS: ___________________________



The Honourable Elected Representatives of the Australian People

Regarding the issue of our taxes being spent subsidizing unsustainable,polluting, climate change inducing, energy production. We the people of Australia, demand that our tax dollars be RECHANNELED into sustainable energy supplies, that will be of benefit to all of the people of Australia for sometime into the future, and in fact, the entire planet.

Due to the effects of Climate Change via CO2 being released into ouratmosphere and overwhelming information from the Scientific Community tosupport this, information which the President of the USA, Mr George Bush, does not deny; We understand that our taxes would have a greater effect of reducing our CO2 emissions if they were invested into "cleaner", sustainable, energy productions.

We believe our tax dollars, which are currently spent on the production ofenergy for our use, must be used for the following sustainable energyproduction methods:
In order, descending, dependant upon on location.
1. Government owned geothermal energy production
2. Tidal Power energy production
3. Wind farm energy production
4. Solar Cells energy production
5. Government funded scientific investigation leading to building of infrastructure for the local supply of hydrogen energy
6. Improved, reliable, local public transport
7. Improved local Government funded rail infrastructures (which remain inthe hands of the Australian people)
8. No more privatisation of our existing Rail systems and public transport infrastructures
9. Adequate funding for the maintenance and upkeep of our existing public transport systems and infrastructures.

We also demand that our taxes which are currently being spent on scientific research be rechannelled into scientific research into CLEAN, NON-POLLUTING, SAFE, SUSTAINABLE Energy production.

Specifically, and in order descending:

1. Local Hydrogen fuel supply.
2. "Biotowers"

Signed by


printed name in full of the above signator


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